Right Management of Your Rights Management Process

University of Alberta [Virtual]

11:00-1PM MT

Virtual Seminar

Instructors: Ariel Kroon, Sean Luyk, Mike O’Driscoll

Soliciting and securing copyright or moral rights permissions for a large collection of literary audio recordings is a complex undertaking and can be pretty overwhelming. Most collections include multiple audio objects for any individual creator, and many of those audio objects will include content from multiple creators who collaborated on a presentation together. Some creators are easily contacted, but for others, you’ll need to work through literary agents or estate authorities. And, as if that’s all not challenging enough, people are people: some permissions will be easily secured, others will drag on and require creative problem solving. That means that designing a process that will allow your research team to secure and track permissions in an efficient and well-documented manner requires careful planning and appropriate software support.

In this session, the University of Alberta SpokenWeb digital rights team will guide you through this complex process and break it down into a few, easier-to-manage steps in order to make your rights management process a success:

  1. Workflow Design and Considerations;
  2. Tracking Success with Trello Software;
  3. Providing File Access to Content Creators; and
  4. Developing and Archiving Documentation.

Join us for this workshop, where we’ll detail our planning process, show you how Trello works, provide some best practice options for audio file access, and send you away with some sample documentation. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session, so make sure to bring all of your practical rights management managerial queries and quibbles to the discussion.